Wiseheart Media

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Edit v. to prepare a material for publication or presentation, by correcting, revising, or adapting it for purpose

Our levels of editing:


Light editing - checking spelling errors, syntax and morphology (flow of words in a sentence), grammatical errors and typographical errors


Medium editing - includes light editing and some *rewording 


Heavy editing - includes all of the above and some **rewriting


* please note that massive rewording would be charged as heavy editing

**please note that massive rewriting would be charged as partial ghostwriting


Topics Include:


1.Conflict and Resolution in Youth Teams


2.Spiritual Gifting and how it can be used in your team


3.Personality Types and Clashes


4.Building the structure of the youth church


5.Youths Involvement


6.Relevance to the society


7. Leadership Training


8.Mentoring and Coaching


9. Safeguarging and Child Protection Awareness


10. Talent & Performance Management in Teams