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Director - TOLA AWE


Tola Awe is a writer, speaker and trainer with over 100 editorials including books, articles (online and magazines) and ghostwritten work.

She has also been invited to speak in about 3 countries outside  of her homeland, England.


As a youth leader coach, and youth mentor consultant, her vision is to equip youth leaders to fulfil  their roles effectively. Tola is passionate about youths and loves philantrophic endeavours.


Tola started Wiseheart Ventures in 2005 and registered it as a company in 2008 under the name Wiseheart Media Ltd.


Her academic background includes:


- Biomedical Science at the University of Essex

- Secondary Teacher Training with the University of East London

- MBA at the University of Wales

- Freelance Journalism with British College of Journalism, Oxford.


On embarking on an MBA, Tola got more interested in consulting for youth groups and new teachers.


Some of her work:

Tola is involved in various projects including community initiatives :


Adventuring Youth: An initiative she set up in 2009 for young people to be able to get social exposure to help them learn and develop socially, intellectually, spiritually and morally.



Discovery Initiative: Tola is a founding member of this community initiative that helps young people discover, develop and deploy their talents.



Awe Inspiring Youth: With her husband, Bayo Awe, Tola is the co-founder of Awe Inspiring Youth which reaches out to youths of all kinds through seminars and training.


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